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Purple Brown Rice

Purple Brown Rice (Non GMO) is developed using conventional cross breeding between two most famous rice, Thai Jasmine and Jao Hom Nin. The whole grain of Purple Brown Rice is dark purple, enriched with natural nutrients, and a distinct aroma.

It contains many nutrients, such as starch, high quality oil, superb antioxidants, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 and E), minerals, pigments and wheat germ.

Its special characteristic is a dark purple to almost black color because of pigments called anthocyanin (consisted of cyaniding, peonidin, procyanidin). The purple pigment is found on the rice grains. When compared to similar pigments found on the red grape, prune and blueberry, rice contains several folds more antioxidant activities.

The advantage of anthocyanin is as follows:

Health: It prevents cancer cells in the lungs, nasal passage, stomach and white blood cells. In addition, according to experiments (in vitro), and is able to kill HIV-1 and hold back reverse transcriptase in the virus. It also blocks LDL oxidation that lines blood vessel walls. Both these pigments help prevent aging of cells from free radicals and help reflect a youthful appearance.

Skin: It reduces skin damage from oxidation reaction caused by pollution and sunlight, stops enzyme elastase (this enzyme damages elastin) and helps the skin maintain its firmness.

Hair: It slows down the deterioration of the scalp and hair roots and activates blood circulation, causing stronger thick hair and the maintenance of its natural color. According to in vitro experiments it has activated hair keratinocytes.

Purple Brown Rice has a delicious taste, but also helps enhance real beauty and a healthy diet suitable for everybody.

Purple Brown Rice was developed by the Center of Excellence on Rice Molecular Breeding and Product Development at Kasetsart University, Thailand, since 1998 and was released for seed production in 2003.